Hard Corps

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Swedish, Kody, Sly and JZ co-star in this "hard corps" video. A Note From Dink ... "Hard Corps" brings with it two new soldiers to the Active Duty fold and two of our longtime players to help make it all come together. J.Z. is a declicious, street smart "playa" that has found himself at a new kind of "ball" but from the looks of it and as much as he seems to enjoy himself both in his solo performance and his Hard Corps performance I'd say he's probably found himself as close to home as he ever will. Sly is a soldier that many of you may have remembered from a gallery we posted of him and Britt (Enlusted Soldiers 2, Thrill SGT) nearly two years ago. Well, Sly never got to put on his grand performance in that shoot because there were problems with one of our cranes -- we couldn't raise it. But it wasn't Sly's crane that wouldn't raise that day and the way in which he dives into the action in Hard Corps shows us what a passion has stirred in Sly while he's been away in Iraq for two tours. He's back now though and once he's joined by J.Z. and our two other favorites -- Kody and Swedish -- he's given a grand welcome.


Starring Swedish, Kody, Sly and JZ

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