About Us

Welcome to a labor of love and a lifestyle that turned into a full-time job. Active Duty was born before it was ever even the website that you are visiting now. It all started with my love for military men and my random nights of chasing (and usually catching) them in the straight strip clubs, shady dive bars and Wal-Mart.

Being raised in the adjacent city to one of the largest Army bases in the world, my love for men in (and out of) uniform was a natural one, I suppose. Some of my first memories as a child are of the hulking figures in camouflage that surrounded us when we ventured out on trips to "town" where they stood tall like a forest of strong trees that protected us. We felt safe in our town because of their presence. It was like having your own Army of bodyguards at your side and we were proud to have them.

In later years when my hormones started kicking into high gear and I realized that I had a soft spot for hard dick, my attention would turn to these fit, strong, beautiful men in uniform. Country boys who had left home with not much more than the cowboy boots on their feet, a few pairs of faded jeans, a toothbrush and the desire to be part of something larger than themselves. Corn-fed boys from Nebraska, Dutch descendants from Pennsylvania, high school wrestlers from Iowa, city boys with tough-guy attitudes from Jersey and NY, Southern boys who loved their trucks and mamas just about equally and who would kill you over either would all come together for the shared purpose of protecting our liberty. Over 80,000 perfect examples of American pride, beauty, bravado and youthful indiscretion.

All of this testosterone and machismo gathered together in tight quarters equaled a lot of horny young men out for adventure when the workday came to an end and the night called them out to mischief. And there I was, right along side them, more than willing to lend a hand in their search for excitement. I would quickly find that many of them were more than willing to explore beyond their normal boundaries. In fact, under the right circumstances, you could manage to unleash all the pent up hormones that raged inside them and have the night of your life.

These were the days when adult bookstores and arcades were still in fashion before the Internet practically removed the need for such meeting places and on any given Friday or Saturday night you might find yourself holding up the walls, waiting for the next hot GI to walk through the door and make his way to the backroom where he'd casually find a booth to beat off in that had a glory hole adjoining to the booth beside him. Often I found myself the lucky occupant of the booth next door to some of the finest specimens of military man meat the armed forces had to offer. There were nights when the bars closed and the GI's piled into the local adult arcade as a last resort because they knew that some hot, willing mouth awaited their cocks on the other side of those walls. Often times that lucky mouth was mine and I cherished those jackpot moments when I was able to provide the relief they needed.

But, the bookstores left much to be desired for a young guy like me who wanted nothing more than to be close to these men, be friends with them and cultivate relationships with them. It was this desire that would lead me to the straight strip clubs and dive bars they frequented and spend my hard-earned money on countless drinks and lap dances for them. It would end up paying off in some very big ways at the end of so many nights when the strippers snuck out the back door and left the boys horny with few other options. On dozens of occasions I would manage to bring them home and after a few more beers and some good pussy porn have my way with them. As a result some of the best friendships and fuck buddies I would ever have formed. Trust was a big factor in building these relationships and my code of silence was both understood and accepted readily on my part. All I wanted was to be close to them.

After several years of honing my skills, I'd built myself a pretty plentiful roster of buddies who were down to play. It suddenly dawned on me that I might not always have as much fun as I was having in my twenties and I wanted more than just the images in my head to remind me of such great times. I wanted to freeze these moments in time somehow. Sometime in 1995 or 1996 I decided to buy myself a camcorder and see how many of my buddies would let me capture their youthful beauty to keep for myself for years to come. The response I got was much more positive than I had at first imagined. Many of them were down to let me film them jacking off and many of them loved showing off. I'd suddenly found my new love in life and it would eventually bring me here.

Over the course of the next year or so I was having as much luck getting guys to let me film them jerking and showing off as I was getting them back to my place. I got addicted to my camera and often times decided that getting the moment on video was more important than getting their cocks in my mouth. Although the two often went hand-in-hand, I let more than a few guys get away with giving me nothing more than a hot tape to watch time and time again. I cherished these tapes and kept them locked away. It was only with one close, trusted friend that I would share my secret treasures with and he was sworn to silence. This friend would later talk me into turning my hobby into a business and would later become known and loved here at Active Duty as our very own SSGT. Beau. So, if you're ever in the Active Duty LIVE Chat room and see SSGT. Beau in the room, you might say thank you because he had a large role in helping me find the courage and confidence in my work to bring it here to you.

It would be his constant urging and encouragement that would convince me to take the first step into the world of porn. As I shared my treasures with him he would constantly tell me of a man he knew of in San Diego that filmed Marines and sold them on VHS. He even brought me copies of these tapes to watch and told me how much better he thought my work was. Having never been a fan of porn or an avid watcher I was inclined to believe him, but I wasn't ready to dive into a world that seemed so far removed from my deep Southern roots. Porn was made in California and faraway places that I'd only dreamed of visiting, not in the tobacco fields of North Carolina.

After repeatedly putting him off, SSGT. Beau finally got me to call the toll-free phone number at the end of one of those Marines tapes one day. It was mainly just to quiet him down and show that I'd at least made an effort. I had no plans or expectations that anything would come of it. I'll never forget the call as a soft-spoken voice came over the phone I began explaining to him that I had been shooting some military guys on video in NC. He asked me to please hold, patched me through and another voice came on that I immediately recognized as the voice on those Marine tapes that interviewed the guys before they got naked. He quizzed me for a few minutes and then asked me if I could send him a sample tape, gave me a mailing address and his Fed Ex account number to use for shipping.

I hung up feeling a little overwhelmed. Suddenly the door was open if I wanted to take the next step. So, I decided I would run it by the guys and tell them that we had a California porn producer interested in the tapes if they wanted to pursue the possibilities. Over the next week I started asking several guys if they wanted me to send in their tapes and see what the verdict might be. To my surprise many of them jumped at the chance and said go for it. I spent another week putting together a sample tape that featured two-minute segments of 15 different guys without cum shots. I may have been a young country boy, but I was not naïve enough to send the full versions to a porn producer that I knew nothing about and had no way of knowing what his intentions were.

Two days after I sent the sample tape I returned home to an answering machine (yes, we still had answering machines then) that was blinking full of messages. I hit the play button and listened to three messages from the California porn producer asking me to please call him and not to speak to anyone else about my tapes. It was obvious from the tone of the messages that he liked what he'd seen and was eager to see more. I decided to make him wait another day and when I returned from work the following day the answering machine was blinking with more messages.

That day a call that would change the course of my life for the next 15 years and counting would take place. As the California porn producer walked me through the process of what he expected and what he was offering in return, I listened carefully. I knew he was defining the deal to get exactly what he wanted but I also knew that his interest meant that what I was doing was enough to catch his attention and that fascinated me. Rather than negotiate (that would come later) I took it all in and told him I'd get back to him.

Meanwhile I rallied the guys one-by-one and told them the deal. All of the guys that had been sent on the first sample tape agreed to the terms and we sold the California porn producer his first batch of what would become many tapes. From conservative country boy to backwoods producer I transformed in a matter of weeks. By the height of my relationship with the California porn producer I would be sending him 30 solos per month with no shortage of willing guys to follow. Everything went great for about a year and then I fell in love and took about four months off to nurture that relationship. You can read about it in the book by Alex Buchman (edited by my good friend Steve Zeeland), "Barracks Bad Boys: My Mormon Bad boy". It was a short-lived but intense love affair that still touches my heart today. But, my heart longed all the while to get back behind the camera. Sometimes we can give up even love to follow our dreams. Sometimes those dreams, like love, become our passion. It was that passion that would take me to the next step and on my way to building a company that would rule my life for many years to follow.