The Porthole 3

  • $ 39.95

King Cole gets familiar with the porthole, joining Gio, Gage, Randy, Reese, Chaz, DJ, Elijah and a special mystery guest. A Note From Dink ... Our third installment of The Porthole series is one hot DVD. DJ gets introduced to The Porthole by our wild and crazy Chaz and when Chaz shows someone something new we know how well it is to be remembered. Chaz and DJ man The Porthole together as Chaz shows DJ the ropes. What they rope in is some huge cock, namely, that of King Cole and Elijah. The second scene introduces Gio to The Porthole where he and Gage man the hole together while our hot, hung Marine, Randy, Reese and an anonymous visitor hold down the other side. This is a hot scene with the mystery visitor getting drilled hard and deep by Randy to the point of blowing his own load all over the floor before Randy and Reese join up with Gage who is railing the hell out of Gio on the other side. Hang on to your hand grenades, troops, this one is a scorcher!


Starring Chaz, Cole, DJ, Elijah, Gage, Randy, Reese, and Giovanni

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